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Rob Pearsall
Rob Pearsall

Rob Pearsall

Rob Pearsall was born to be an actor. Rob's Mom says, "He was always acting up. He couldn't help himself." His training started at an early age. Mrs. Stephens, Kindergarten teacher, awarded him the score of 'Always' under the category of "I take part in a dramatic play."   (A 'Seldom' under "I keep my hands to myself".) His first spoken line was in the first grade production of "The Alphabet Song": "Ha-ha-ha, that was me, you heard a buzz, 'cause I'm a bee!". A short stint as the dying Mercutio in the 7 th grade study of Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" (Act III Scene I) propelled him onward. "He was so emotional," reported one patron. The flame only burned brighter in high school taking on various roles in various productions. Still he found time for training in the supporting arts. His choir teacher, Mrs. Sink, wrote of him, "A great help in keeping teacher musically accurate." (On the same report card his algebra teacher said, "Is a very good talker".) In college he discovered that he could grow a beard which landed him several roles as biblical characters in church plays. He learned a lot of lines for the role of Jesus in Godspell and proved the measure of his dance talents as Snoopy in You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown . One of Rob's friends says, "He's so dramatic!" When he's not acting out, Rob runs his own audio business (ripstreetaudio.com) making music and sound effects for video games. He also likes to play basketball, watch "The West Wing" and read suspense novels. When asked about his future, Rob declares, "Triple Espresso been very, very good to me."

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