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Rosalie Miller

Rosalie Miller came to theater by way of radio, where she worked for eight years on the original production of Garrison Keillor's A Prairie Home Companion . While working with Mr. Keillor, she produced the recording Prairie Home Comedy , and the Grammy-nominated More News From Lake Wobegon . She later produced The Cedar Social, an award-winning regional cable television variety show. She also served in multiple positions on the staff of the renowned Dale Warland Singers.

Soon thereafter, Dennis Babcock talked her into taking a position in group sales for his production of A Christmas Carol in Albany, NY, though she doesn't care for sales and didn't know the city. She survived the challenge, stuck around, authored a Christmas Carol Study Guide and toured with the show as Company Manager.

Rosalie joined the staff of Triple Espresso in its early days, and since then has worked closely with the Executive Producer, Artistic Director, playwrights, designers, actors, crew and staff, ensuring that everyone is communicating, schedules are meshing, and all unwanted fires are being promptly extinguished. Rosalie doesn't drink coffee, but she loves Triple Espresso.


Producers:   Dennis Babcock | Donald Schoenbaum | Rosalie Miller